HydroSeed Application

Trained Professionals Installing a Hydro Seed Mulch/Seed/Fertilizer Mixture

Finished Hydoro Seed

A grown in yard that was Hydro Seeded

Yard After Hydroseeding

A well finished yard after fresh hydro seed application, ready for water and germination


The instant gratification of installing Sod!

Sod, Seed, or Hydroseed, Rock Ridge Services has you covered.  We create quality yards use either of these three methods. We also offer irrigation/hydroseeding packages.



Hydroseeding is actually a fairly simple process when done with the proper equipment.  Water, seed, fertilizer and and a protective mulch is mixed in a tank and sprayed onto the ground by trained turf grass professionals .


Water in the mix acts as a carrier, and the contact of the seed and the water will jump start the growth process.  When extra fast germination is desired, it is also possible to pre-germinate seed for even faster growth.


Seed can be almost anything depending on the application.  There are different mixes for Home Lawns, Sports Fields, Roadside Ditches, and more.  We use the best mix of seeds for the environment to ensure a healthy, vigorous long lasting lawn.


The proper fertilizer for a particular application is also applied along with the seed and mulch. This helps to feed the seed as it germinates and begins to take root in your yard.


Hydro seeding mulch is what gives it the green color.  It does more than just make it pretty, it helps protect the seed, and to seal in moisture.  It may be made from a paper or wood product or a mix.  If any accidentally gets on your walkways, driveways or house, it will not stain and can be washed off, or will just disappear on it's own.



Sodding is a great, way of having a yard appear overnight.  If you want a nearly instant lawn and cost is no object, then sodding your lawn is the way to go. Good quality turf sod can form an established lawn in 3-8 weeks that can provide a long lasting and pleasurable lawn.