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Seeing the results of all your hard work is a big part of the fulfillment of a beautiful lawn. But sometimes, due to life circumstances it may be smart to call on a professional lawn care service rather than do the work yourself. A qualified lawn care professional possesses the needed experience, equipment, and knowledge to perform all of the hard work that goes into a beautiful lawn.

If you are wondering whether hiring  lawn care professionals is the right decision for you, here is a checklist and some tips that can help you make a quality decision:

Our lawn care professionals are trained and licensed in pesticide application procedures. We apply our products efficiently, safely, and without harm to the environment.

Time Constraints

There are only so many hours in a day, and a lack of time may make it necessary for you to hire outside help for some or all of your lawn care. Your time is valuable. Perhaps you’ve recently taken on some projects or hobbies that have filled your schedule. Being stressed over lawn care duties can quickly turn your tasks into dreaded chores. Using a professional service is not only affordable, but it frees you to participate in the activities you truly desire without sacrificing the polished look of a well kept lawn.

Do You Have Little Ones?

Keeping up with lawn maintenance may have been an enjoyable hobby before additions to your family came along. If you are a new grandparent and have young children, you may want to take a few seasons off and spend your spare time reading stories and playing catch instead of cranking up the lawn mower.

Another thing to consider are the harmful chemicals you’ll need to store when caring for your own lawn. All of those  fertilizers and weed killers can be dangerous to young children, even if you’ve chosen to use organic materials. There is always the possibility of accidental ingestion, skin irritation, or allergic reactions. You can always return to caring for your lawn yourself once your children are older and more responsible

Our lawn care professionals are trained and licensed in pesticide application procedures. We apply our products efficiently, safely, and without harm to the environment or your family.

Temporary Setbacks

Maybe you’ve recently undergone surgery or have experienced an unfortunate health setback which has limited your mobility. If so, you may need time to recuperate. Instead of pushing your limits, it may be the perfect time to hire a lawn care professional. Yard work should not be a burdensome chore that causes you aches and pains. You can still do the things you enjoy, such as tending to your flower garden and planting your annuals. Our services can get you back to the true enjoyment of a beautiful Missouri lawn. If  fertilization, weed control, or tree and shrub pruning are more than you can handle, we will be happy to lighten your load.

Lawn care professionals are especially cost effective for those big jobs, like aerating and de-thatching. These larger jobs require special equipment, so calling in the pros just makes good sense.

Regardless of your reasons, if you could benefit from a lawn care professional in the Wasilla, Alaska, give us a call. Our pleasant, professional, and knowledgeable team of experts will make you glad that you put the health of your lawn in our hands. Customer satisfaction is our best asset.